Al 'Azifoon (The Musicians) Al 'Azifoon performs classical and traditional Arabic music on traditional acoustic instruments.
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Al 'Azifoon

Middle Eastern Classics

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Al 'Azifoon is a professional Arabic “Taht” which performs classical and traditional Arabic music.
The band is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

In musical terms, "Taht" in Arabic refers to an acoustic musical chamber group which performs classical Arabic music.
Al 'Azifoon" in Arabic is a plural noun which literally means “The Instrumentalists.”

Traditional acoustic Arabic instruments are the heart of Al 'Azifoon's authentic sound, including:
~ melody instruments, such as oud, qanun, accordion, and vocals; and
~ percussion instruments, such as riqq (Arabic tambourine), doumbek (also called: darbuka, dumbek, tabla), duff, mazhar and tabla baladi.

Our repertoire includes works by great Arabic composers, such as Muhammed Abdul Wahab, Baligh Hamdy, the Rahbani Brothers, Said Darwish and many more, as well as traditional muwashahat, folk songs, and popular songs by artists such as Fairuz, Sabah Fahkri, Um Koulthoum,Warda and many others.

Al 'Azifoon's musical mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding, respect, and appreciation for Arabic music, dance, and culture through regular musical performances as well as special concerts and educational programs at public libraries and schools throughout the Greater Bay Area.

  • Learn more about Al 'Azifoon's musical content and the rich diversity of Arabic music on our About page.
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  • View our complete repertoire on our SONG LIST page, which includes MP3 samples of our live performances and other recordings, as well as links to video performances.

Al 'Azifoon performs regularly throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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Al 'Azifoon with Helm, El Morocco Restaurant, Pleasant Hill, October 20122
Al 'Azifoon with Helm
performing at El Morocco Dancers' Night at El Morocco Restaurant, Pleasant Hill

Photo: Scott Belding

Al 'Azifoon is now on Facebook and YouTube!

The founding members of Al 'Azifoon, Yosifah and Nathan were featured in this
Contra Costa Times article dated July 21, 2011
about Al 'Azifoon's performances of Arabic music for the
Contra Costa Library 2011 Summer Concert Series in Orinda and Pleasant Hill.

Yosifah (with qanun) and Nathan (with oud) practicing together at home.  Photo by Ray Chavez, staff photographer, Contra Costa Times.

Yosifah was interviewed by Scott Belding for ARTBEAT Video Magazine in March 2010
in a feature about the band Al 'Azifoon and their performances
at El Morocco Restaurant Dancers' Nights.
Watch this interview on YouTube!

Contact ~ Booking Info ~ About ~ The Musicians ~ Arabic Instruments ~ Upcoming Shows ~ Past Highlights ~ SONG LIST